lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

White Christmas

Hi! I entered the PaigeeWorld White Christmas Drawing Contest with this entry.

"It is the night before Christmas, the presents are under the tree. Everyone is tucked in bed waiting for Santa to arrive! It starts to snow and something magical happens while everyone is sleeping. When they wake they realize they are a younger version of themselves... What kind of magical day are they about to have for Christmas?"

Well, Nyan and Aoi have just woken up. Nyan is so happy with all the presents she has found that she doesn't mind if she's a little child again.

You can find more White Christmas drawings here:

@nisame is my username there.

Side note: What I watched yesterday...

I'm on that "OMG! I'm so happy...!" mode right now.  


See you in the next entry!